test automation Questions

The Zephyr Api: https://marketplace.atlassian.com/plugins/com.thed.zephyr.zapi/cloud/installation

Power BI: https://powerbi.microsoft.com/en-us/

Has anyone managed to actually integrate the api into Power BI? and if so how did you do it? The jira rest-api has been integrated but vital information based on test cycles is all missing.


Is there a free alternative to ZAPI to expose that data as well?


Thank you!

I am in search of an open source tool so that I can automate testing of a Windows Desktop application.


Any open source or commerical tools can be used for Microservices testing? all protocols in one tool?

I want to perform performance testing for hybrid iOS and android mobile app. Please suggest ways on how to do it with some open source and paid tools

how to test vulnerability of ecommerce, whether the applied security is properly working or not?

whether the website can be hacked by anyone or not

Have you used qtpselenium.com to learn automation tools? please advise

By amna zafar - June 11, 20172 Answers

what should be responsibilities and skills they do have?

Curious to hear your thoughts (open source only) on preference for using Geb vs Selenium.



I'm trying to expand Automation Testing (using Tools).  However Technical staff are pointing to negative articles on fagility of UI testing is not the way forward.  However if you set out Automtion Standards on how to use xpaths or giving unique names to screen elements this then changes how fagile tests are.  Of course if you consistently have screen redesign happening then you would not want to automated. I would like a few articles that support Automation using tools like ranorex or test complete but not from the companies themselves that I can reference in the purposal.

Thank you


Is automatic test design / preparation is long way to go? Can someone suggest me the set of domains / platforms where it is feasible and acheivable? Note: I am not referring Automatic Test Execution.


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