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I was wondering what is the market preference for the programming language. Like C#, Java, Ruby/RoR, PHP, Python etc.

By chandramohan sivasubramanian - December 18, 20151 Answer

Want to develop a proposal mgmt system to colloborate and create..what softwares are your choices? the system should serve as a content repositary and provide manage, organize, format and control versions and retain the history of the users. Also to allow the repurposing of the old content whenever it requires. What all the softwares need to be used and approximate timeline to develop a system with a team size of 3?

I did my degree in correspondence am i eligible for IT field if so h

I am new to automation testing. I heard that python can be used for automation of scripts. Right now, I am working with python language.what is the best free tool to work with Python and automation?. Also, I am also interested in using of python as a front end scripting language for client side in place of Java script. what is the best IDE to work with Pyhton as scripting language for web applictions?

I am trying to test native iOS app with jmeter ( I am new to jmeter testing), any help with how to configure jmeter on master and on iOS will be appreciated.

With TCP sampler pointing to the server ip in testing and port in testing, this error is displayed:

Response code: 500

Response message: java.net.ConnectException: Connection timed out: connect


By Rajasekar Sundaresan - September 29, 20151 Answer

I am currently trying to automate Adobe CQ5 web based application using Selenium Web driver. Is it feasible to automate this application? As this applications is basically designed by the BA guys by selecting the standard templates and design the page by drag and drop the components from sidekick and provide the properties for the components.  Then activate the designed page.  Once the page is activated the user can publish the page.  Any suggestions please!!

By randy rem - September 22, 20153 Answers

Hello all,
I am a software Tester having around 2 years of experince in testing webbased applications. here I want to change my title from testing to automation. I have  the basic adia how to tet the software with QTP tool. But I want to learn more about how to write automation test scripts for regression, smoke, and for functional testing.

Any one can help me. Thanks in advance for your suggestions..


By HIMANSHU PANDEY - August 13, 20152 Answers

I am working on a project where we migrate the data between different databases or across database. We run queries to test requirments but I want to automate the things. We use tools like SQL Server, Oracle, SSIS, Informatica. Can we use QTP or any other automation tool for such testing?

By madhu mittal - July 27, 20154 Answers

Hi, I have 4 years of exp in oracle apps.but there is maternity gap of 6 years,want to work again.I am now interested in Testing.plz advise how to start it?

Please give your valuable suggestion , this will help me a lot throughout my career.


Additional skills like:

1. Any technologies ( automation tools/mobile technology/ java/ any.......)

2.About Testing

3.Any other 


Not only above skills recommedn any other from your perspective.

Please suggest ..Thanks


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