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Have you used qtpselenium.com to learn automation tools? please advise

By amna zafar - June 11, 20172 Answers

what should be responsibilities and skills they do have?

Curious to hear your thoughts (open source only) on preference for using Geb vs Selenium.



I'm trying to expand Automation Testing (using Tools).  However Technical staff are pointing to negative articles on fagility of UI testing is not the way forward.  However if you set out Automtion Standards on how to use xpaths or giving unique names to screen elements this then changes how fagile tests are.  Of course if you consistently have screen redesign happening then you would not want to automated. I would like a few articles that support Automation using tools like ranorex or test complete but not from the companies themselves that I can reference in the purposal.

Thank you


Is automatic test design / preparation is long way to go? Can someone suggest me the set of domains / platforms where it is feasible and acheivable? Note: I am not referring Automatic Test Execution.

A compay having projects in several programming languages and frameworks, which agnostic testing tools do you know that can be used in all or several of them?

One example is cloc that counts lines of code.

Which others do you know for static analysis, traceability and other common testing tasks ?

By mahesh n - March 13, 20171 Answer

hi, i have installed eclipse (neon version) and java 8 but i am unable to install pydev(5.5) through eclipse marketplace.. 

Hello All

 i am a fresher form  application background . iIwant to know what is the basic process to perform functional testing on embedded software using automated tool.




What is the future of manual Testing in software testing. And if no automation skills a resouces has where should he move now.What are the diffferent options available.


One of the challenges our QA faces is being able to test our application, which abstracts behavior from the SaaS API, such as the SF API, Eloqua API, Google API, etc., and ensuring the applicatino is behaving correctly.  Some SaaS sources have data that changes and we DO need to also verify data.  Since some of the SaaS sources are also not updateable programatically, you can't know if the SUT is in the state you need it.  Thoughts?


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