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What should I read first?

Well, that depends on what brought you to StickyMinds.   If you are new to testing and you want to nail some of the basics, these articles are a great first step:   

How to Become a Better Performance Tester 101

Basics Revisited: Test Strategy

Does Domain Expertise Really Matter?


If you’ve been testing for a while and you want to stay up to speed on what’s going on in the industry, these articles are for you: 4 Steps to Level Up Your Testing Game and Advance Your Career

Accepting the Tester into the DevOps Fold

Less Is More: Picking Your Test Automation Language


If you want to hear (or read) what industry notables and your peers have to say on a huge variety of test subjects, check out these interviews: I Don’t Want to Talk about Bugs: Let’s Change the Conversation: An Interview with Janet Gregory

Deliberate Testing in an Agile World: An Interview with Dan North

Things That Really Matter in Testing—Today and Tomorrow: An Interview with Bj Rollison


If you just read StickyMinds for the articles, these are some of the most popular: The Role of Testers in an Agile Environment

The Collaboration of Unit Testing

Testing Usability for Mobile Applications

Testing Wearables: The Human Experience

Seven Signs of Great Agile Leadership

5 Ways Testers Can Mitigate Practical Risks in an Agile Team

The Role of the Test Manager in an Agile Organization

Site of the Living Dead: Defending against Zombie Data

Maximizing the Effectiveness of a Subject Matter Expert


Looking for something in particular?

Testers get bombarded with buzzwords. We understand that it can get pretty overwhelming trying to keep up with the latest software industry hot topics. If you are looking for content on a specific interest area, these articles cover some of today’s most popular software testing subject matter: Agile Testing 5 Ways Testers Can Mitigate Practical Risks in an Agile Team Guide Your Agile Development with Traceable Tests The Role of Testers in an Agile Environment Test Automation Selenium: The Open Source, the Myth, the Legend Test Automation in the Agile World Deploy Automated Testing to Create Better Software  Mobile Testing Testing Usability for Mobile Applications Testing Wearables: The Human Experience Five Sins of Mobile Testing 

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    A: Yes! Here is the link to the submission form and writer guidelines.

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    A: We think Coveros Training is pretty great!

  1. Q: How do I find software testing jobs?

    A: The #job channel on the TechWell Hub Slack workspace is a good place to start. 

  1. Q: What other ways can I get involved?

    A: Join Women Who Test, subscribe to TechWell Insights, and join us on the TechWell Hub.


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