How to test Registration form and cover all scenario, Help me write Test cases documents

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Anand Kumar asked on November 18, 2017 - 3:05am | Replies (1).

Provide me Test Case Documents , Which type of Scenarios follow in Registrion Pages?

which type of testing types apply


Hi Team,


This is raja rajeswari working as Testing engineer.


Actually we have separate portal for conversion of epub-to-word.

Here, we have faced so many problems.Since perfect user registeration login require to create, those user details which is stored and maintain DB iteslf.User who are logged on and using epubportal.

And also asusual common registration form like that here maintained 

So, required to handle some new fields in that form .

old regst form fields such as FN,LN,Email, HB entity, create pwd, confirm pwd,  enter captcha .

Apart from that above, i request you to provide some idea about new fields, here i suggest empid fields,

Here webportal using both india and northamerica employee are used.


1 Answer

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This question is unanswerable based on the information you have given. We need to know much more about yor project, timeline, business domain, your product context, and your project context to begin to address this. 

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