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Pete Best asked on January 28, 2018 - 3:39am | Replies (3).



just started in new company as sw tester / (sw test manager). Before they did not have a dedicated tester there so I am the first one and only one now.

There are about ~10 sw developer in team. 

Product have HW that connects to Cloud server and there is web page where to control / see data it send. I should do manual testing and verify that data it send is correct (via web page)

There is a testplan in Excel and those cases are now run manually. I really thing some cases are must to automate (like loging, create some data, delete some data, and testing same with different browsers)

TestReport is now created by entering issues to this Excel sheet.

Redmine is in use(as issue tracking? I have not used that before: only worked with TFS & QC)


Now my job as a tester/test manager role is to make this QA process work better.

As company is not very big I am looking not-expensive solutions.

I have experience working with Ranorex Studio and some basic C# coding skills.


As there are multiple options to choose I have come to these tools:

* Katalon Studio for web page test automation:

- free and easy to use?

- can also work with Android app testing?

- can make integration to Redmine?


* TestRail for test management tool

excel test sheet import 

- better testreport that excel :)

- can be used for automation test / manual test

- integration to Katalon Studio?

- integration to Redmine?


qTest sounded like a good option also but price is not open. Maybe to professional / expensive for my needs?


Is there somethink I am now doing wrong / not thinking? I have experiense as a tester (always as a member of a bigger test team with separate test manager) but I have every not needed to "set up testing process from scratch".

I really would like to hear some thoughts / some suggestions.

Now sometimes I really feel like being "alone" as the only QA member and little bit unsure I am doing right here :(

Thank you in forehand for any help!


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You are working with a blank slate. You are in the enviable position where you can set the processes and selet the tools *you* want to work with because they are the right tools for the job, not because someone else chose them for you.

I have been in your position and it can be challenging and rewarding at the same time, know your contribution will greatly impact the company.

You already know what to do. Yo uknow how to research tools and make choices based on cost-effectiveness, ease of use, scalability and so on. You can already see some of the pain points and know what you need to do to address them. Be humbly confident. That humble confidence will rub off on your peers and they will move forward with you.


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Pete Best replied on February 7, 2018 - 8:27am.

Thank you for your answer.

Tools selection will be (most likely)

* Katalon Studio 

* TestRail

Have been testing now both and they seems to be good candidate. Just little bit worried about Katalon support. Seems that only channel is Forum but it is quite not so active to answer about problems.

Testrail have a customer suppost (as paid software) and I think they will help me with integration with Redmine.

New product to be learn, new work environment, test process to be created and to learn about new tools. Have been quite busy time to time. Hope it will get easier as time goes by.

Hope that Stickyminds forum is the place where to find some help :)





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For an automation tool for mobile app testing, an interface that can be easily used by anyone means that the automation tool brings everything in one place and assists the QA community on their journey of testing. QAppAssure is one such testing tool that acts as an interface that can be easily used by anyone. It provides a platform for the QA folks to easily integrate issue management portal, test case management portal, CI/CD tools and messaging channels and test their products on a testbed of both real and cloud devices.

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