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What tools do you use for UI testing, css testing and regression testing?

Please share your experience!

By Farhan Sabir - November 18, 20163 Answers

When  a client sends requirements, should a QA person be involved to validate them? If yes then what should be the process?

i have one application to test. it has caling functionality. its impossible to test application in all avaliable android device. so give me way to teast it. i have also tried amazon cloud services. but it has limited devices.

By Hotovaga A - June 25, 20161 Answer

I just created a TestCase having DataDriven Framework in mind.

Created FunctionLibrary and DataFile pertaining to the TestCase

But when I created the DriverScript and associated/imported related files into it and clicked on RUN,

NOTHING happened!

Not even an error message!!

I Googled it and coming accross not much help.

Please help me and,

Thanks a lot in advance.



By Mike McIntosh - June 8, 20163 Answers

I am searching for a good book and a good training class.  

I have begun to manage agile testing in my organization, and I have a lot to learn!

For huge data comparisison from UI with Excel ,what should be the approach in Selenium automation ?

what are some best software quality assurance USA based companies in Mumbai India


It is a known fact that iPad kicked off “Post- PC” era. It introduced an entirely new set of challenges for mobile app developers and iPad App Testing Services.Consumers today expect their iPad apps to have a unique interface that fills their iPad rather than a repurposed version of an iPhone app. Can you say some major techniques used by iPad App Testing Services to tackle testing challenges in 2016?

As in, what kinds of testing? And how often do you run those automated tests?

We've started using automation for testing on my current project, and we're currently focusing on automating at least some of the use cases we use for regression testing, and plan to run them on a daily basis, as a check for the daily builds we make.

BUT, I was just wondering what others found to be more and less useful for what to actually automate. 

I also feel very much like this depends upon the type of software project on which you work, so, for example, testing something like an online shopping cart where the team can release updates frequently has different needs compared to testing an operating system release.

Any thoughts?


Hi All, 

i am having an experience of 1.5 years in mobile app testing but now i want to change the domain as i want to switch to banking and financial domain . so is it possible now to switch the domain ? also please tell me which testing domain has maximum to learn and growth in terms of packages so that i would put my efforts in that testing area



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