Looking for a tool that checks through code and generates list of aspects that can be tested

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Istvan Fay asked on April 5, 2017 - 7:55am | Replies (3).


I am looking for a tool that would go through a piece of code and would generate a list of all aspects that could / should be tested:

  • the interesting values of a variable: especially the values where decisions are based upon
  • all the possible combination at logic brenches: the combinations that lead the execution of the code to a specific path

That are two kinds of code that are actual at the moment:

  • C code
  • model-based development

Thanks for  your ideas and support!

3 Answers

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Huy Duong replied on May 15, 2017 - 11:58pm.

This article may help you, Istvan.


A Comparison of Automated Testing Tools

I've used a few differents tool so far. Recently, I've tried Katalon Studio and yea, why would one spend time in coding when you can do the same without coding. I feel like it's a combination of QTP + Selenium + Selenide (completely free as open source tools yet strong as other costly commercial tools). 

Good luck!

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@Ken: thanks for the Web page, it is a very helpful one!

@Huong: thanks forthe link, I will check it out! I am afraid I would have overlooked the tool oherwise!

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