when is it acceptable to reference the results of another test script to validate the current test?

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can you validate a test case at the device level by pointing to the results of a test case at the functional or unit level? (Can a Uit test be used for validation of a Device level test?  Can a Unit test be used to validate an Integration level test?)

Can you validate a test case by pointing to another test case at the same level? (i.e., can one DFS test be used to validate another DFS test?, can one Unit test be used to validate another Unit test?)

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Luis Gil replied on May 3, 2017 - 5:15pm.

Hi Lisa


Based on my experience: in my projects I can validate a requirement/functionality by inspecting the code, using unit test or system tests. In your test plan you write how you want to validate each requirement/functionality.


Also seems that each test script can validate much more than it is intended. Can you merge those tests, thus removing duplicates and reducing the number of tests to maintain ?

You may just need to restructure what each test is testing. This option can be better than having test logs pointing to other test logs. Many of those may become unmanageable.


Kind regards


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