Rich functional set or simplicity & quickness?

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Each QA automation team has its own specific priorities when choosing a test automation tool to facilitate the UI regression testing process. But what approach is more popular: a lightweight solution which is simple and quick grasp (but will not cover all your regression testing scope) or a full-scale test automation framework which can do much more but will require lots of time to create and maintain the test coverage? What would you/your team/your manager(s) choose and why?

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Test automation should be an on-going activity, not a one time effort. Use agile approach in automation, i.e.

1. First of all create a backlog of automation tasks

2. Prioritize the tasks and select the areas which need to be automated first. Start with simple & quick approach, select high level (smoke) test cases to automate first.

3. Then keep on building automation tests by going deeper and deeper, sprint by sprint. With this approach, you will have a fairly big auotomation test suite after a number of sprints.

This approach is easy to learn and easy to maintain. Btw, maintenance majorly depends on how you design your automation framework.

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Thanks for replying! So, you put simplicity & quickness at the first place after all, right?

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The answer is: It depends on the risk or quality significance's  level of each item you must test and confirm it is functioning per its specification.

It follows that when you must verify/validate a new product's Critical Quality Attribute (CQA), thern obviously you must perform a comprehensive set of tests. If not, then the required level of testing could be less.

The new product's multi-disciplinary project team must constantly make Risk/Benefit analysis decisions so it develops and commercializes a high quality and low cost new product that would meet pre-specified User Requirement Specifications (URSs.)


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Thanks for your reply!

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