Retail Banking Interview questions in the perspective of Testing

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Karthika J asked on March 14, 2017 - 3:56am | Replies (2).

As i have worked in Retail Banking domain as a Sr.Test Engineer(6 years),What kind of technical questions be asked in interview?

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Are you applying for a position in another company? As far as I have learned after attending a number of interviews and having conducted a couple, you will mostly be asked quesitons related to this company's field. If they will ask you about banking specifics, most probably it would be questions about how banking software works, what kind of issues are most common/most severe - and something about customer service specifics I believe.

In any case, interviewers often like to let applicants talk, so they might ask you to tell about your success stories or biggest challenges you've faced in this field. Therefore, it is better to look back at your overall experience and prepare a story or two about such cases.

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Q.1. what is Retail Banking and examples of bugs you found in retail banking software.

Q.2. how many modules were there and some sample test cases with steps.

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