Your requirements to an automated visual regression testing tool?

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It seems that a popular approach to QA automation is a quick start to cover a most critical area with automated tests ASAP and then proceed automating other areas of testing. This second phase requires more dedicated tool(s). So, what features are most important for such a tool so that it could be useful for your web application?

  • Visual baseline: to compare with results of new test runs
  • Smart CSS selectors: to find and interact with CSS elements on a web page
  • Ignore from comparison: selecting areas on a page which should not be checked for differences
  • Clone, parameterize and invoke tests: reuse existing tests for quick creation of new ones, with the same or new parameters (such as start URL, text entries, login credentials etc)
  • CI-friendly: test execution via Jenkins jobs or with the help of any other popular CI tool
  • Codeless/code-based
  • Your own options?

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I thinik you hit the main features I would be interested in for a UI testing API. Being able to integrate wiith CI would probably be at the top of my list. If you can't run the tests with every build and get information to people with agency to act on it, then the tool isn't very useful IMO.

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Thanks for your reply, Justin! It seems that the concern about CI integration is getting increasingly popular lately, when it comes to test automation tools. Screenster is an example of such a tool, and it pretty much covers this feature list. Interested to check it out?

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