Decision Making and Decision Management Decision Making and Decision Management

Decision management is an overly formal-sounding title for an essential set of skills and processes needed by every project manager on a nontrivial effort. Project managers must be thoughtful about decisions. This doesn’t necessarily require an additional process, but it might involve a more rigorous application of the processes currently in place.

Payson Hall's picture Payson Hall
Comprehensive Documentation Has Its Place Comprehensive Documentation Has Its Place

Kent McDonald shares some tips on documentation approaches that he and his team used on a recent project. The key is to find the bare minimum of documentation that you need from both a project documentation and system documentation perspective and only add additional documentation when it hurts not to add it.

Kent J. McDonald's picture Kent J. McDonald
ADC-BSC EAST 2013 Keynote: Reading the Tea Leaves: Predicting a Project’s Future

Is a project’s fate preordained? Does a project’s past suggest its likely future? Can anything be done to influence that future when the current signs aren’t promising? Payson Hall has participated in and reviewed many projects during his thirty-year career in software development.

Payson Hall, Catalysis Group Inc.
Demystifying the Role of Product Owner

Have you ever wondered what makes a good Product Owner? It’s a broad and deep role that is often filled with a hodgepodge of differently skilled individuals. Many organizations struggle to understand its importance as they scale their agile transformations. What about exceptional...

Bob Galen, Velocity Partners
Six Impossible Things before Breakfast

Recently we’ve been seeing a lot of things that just don’t happen in real life. A managing director at Bank of America abandons decades of organizational “best practices” and recreates his organization by letting people organize their own teams. And, if that weren’t unusual enough, the...

Dan North, Dan North & Associates, Ltd. & Kyle Thomson, Bank of America Merrill Lynch
 Advice for New Project Managers Helpful Advice for New Project Managers

In the same way that math is a learned skill, project management is a learned skill. You can get better with practice, instruction, and mentoring. Avoid being surprised by the new job requirements, acknowledge it is a new role for you, and seek a mentor to help you navigate.

Payson Hall's picture Payson Hall
Using Real Options to Decide When to Decide Using Real Options to Decide When to Decide

Kent McDonald writes on using the idea of real options in your everyday life, including your software projects. When you are faced with a decision, find out what your options are, find out when they no longer become options, and use the intervening time to uncover more information so that you can make an informed decision.

Kent J. McDonald's picture Kent J. McDonald
Working Testing Tasks into the Product Backlog

If you've worked on an agile project, delivering to production on a regular basis, then you've struggled with the challenge of fitting in all the big tasks—performance, security, usability, and compatibility testing. To make matters worse, over time it becomes more and more challenging...

Michael Kelly, DeveloperTown
An Adult Conversation about Project Risk Management

Like quality management a decade ago, project risk management has become such a “check-the-box” exercise in some organizations that vocal critics are clamoring for its elimination as pointless overhead. In this article, Payson Hall suggests that you consider a grown-up conversation with the leaders in your organization about the capabilities and limitations of your risk management efforts.

Payson Hall's picture Payson Hall
Mowing through an Application of Agility Mowing the Lawn: An Application of Agility

Anthony Akins explains how he used agile methods to modify the way he mowed his lawn. Learn how any project can benefit from using an agile approach and how large projects can be broken down into smaller chunks, each complete and with value.

Tony Akins's picture Tony Akins


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