Leave Behind Us vs. Them: Transforming a Product Team

Jason Wick

For most of his career in test/QA, Jason Wick found the prevailing sentiment to be us vs. them—testers vs. developers or the project team vs. the business . And this mindset does not work on a cross-functional product team where everyone must share goals and be willing to put the team goals ahead of all other agendas. During his past year of leading a product delivery team, Jason Wick has discovered that establishing this team goals mindset is no easy task. However, with hard work—and, yes, some setbacks—his team members have indeed transformed from a group of people doing work into a cohesive team that shares goals, does what is necessary to break down walls, and celebrates success when they achieve team goals. This transformation took place slowly but almost exclusively via non-technical means. Join Jason to explore how individuals can pursue the career goals that make them better at their craft while working with a group for the good of all—and the product.

About the Presenter

Jason Wick has more than a decade of software experience as an engineering manager, QA manager, team lead, automation engineer, audio tester, and manual tester. After working in a variety of fields from video games to music software, Jason has dramatically shifted his perspective on the role of QA inside a team in the last couple of years. Jason lives in Colorado and works at MakeMusic.

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