Which Testing Tool has more demand and growth in IT Industries?

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Jack Ramon asked on March 8, 2018 - 2:11am | Replies (2).

There are so many tools for marketing that are pitted against each other, but each tool has got some special feature associated with it specifically. Such as


•For Automation testing, Selenium and UFT(QTP) are preferred

•For Performance  testing, JMeter and LoadRunner are preferred

•For Services testing SOAP UI are preferred

•For unit testing mbunit, testing is preferred


However, Selenium and OATS (Oracle Application Testing Suite) are getting increasingly popular among the testers for the testing purposes.




Selenium testing tool automates web browsers. first and foremost, it is used for automating web applications for the purposes of testing but is surely not restricted to just that. Mundane web-based administration tasks can be easily automated with Selenium.

Selenium tool has got the incessant support of some of the biggest browser dealers across the globe who have taken simple steps to make Selenium an indigenous part of their particular browser. It is also the mainstay equipment in innumerable other browser automation tools along with the APIs and the frameworks.




All the OATS technologies quickly mechanize your tests for objective 32-bit or 64-bit Java applications as well as Java applets present in your web browsers. It is an integrated, all-inclusive web application testing tool that provides all the tools and mechanisms you need to make sure the scalability and dependability of your business-critical apps, software etc.


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Well Kualitee is a best test mangement tool in the market. Its new the market but breaking the ground seriously.



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Testing is one of the very crucial parts of InformationTechnology. The web or mobile application without testing is not considered as a reliable one. Users might encounter bugs, low system performance, malfunctioning of the features, etc. Eventually, it reduces the client base.

So, accurate and appropriate testing is a primary need to launch a highly efficient system.

1) TestProject - TestProject is the world's first free cloud-based, a community-powered test automation platform that enables users to tesroid, and iOS applications on all operating systems, effortlessly. Easily collaborate with your team using Selenium and Appium to ensure quality

with speed.

2) QAppassure, by MOZARK, is a great platform if you are a QA. You can use this platform to automate your

tests, as it allows you to test on-cloud and on-field

devices, across 100+ device, make and models, Integrate with Jira, CI/CD tools, and also use Appium, Calabash, Espresso, UI Automator, XCUITest. It also makes migration easy. It enables continuous mobile app testing

to deliver a seamless connected experience. This tool helps Automate your testing process using an industry-unique integrated platform to ensure every application release is bug-free. I personally use this tool for testing and to date, it has given me really good results.

3) Squish By FrogLogic - Solve your Mobile test

automation challenges with Squish for iOS and Squish for Android. Squish features dedicated support for automated-testing of native Mobile Apps, Mobile Web Apps as well as a mixture of both.

While testing is considered, I would personally recommend Qappassure because of all the tools which I used, this tool gave me the ideal test results and detects bugs easily. What I personally like is that it shows the percentage of successful automation tests on it’s dashboard.Hope it helps!

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