What is FUT testing

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Want to know was does FUT testing consist of


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In your context, what does FUT stand for?


I never heard of this test type before (aren't there too many already?) and found two:

  • Friendly User Test
  • Functional Unit Test

Are you referring to one of these two or to some other type of testing?

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Feature or function under test.
It is similar to BUT 'Build Under Test', SUT "System Under Test", and MUT "Method ..."
It is intended to be testing isolated to the feature/function, for example medication ordering, and it can have its own test plan or be part of the overall test plan. The methods of testing would depend on the feature/function but generally would focus on that feature/function and not include system or systems integration testing (SIT).
In the case of medication ordering it might include CRUD, iteration, date, encoding, ACL/ACE, enumeration, dictionary, field scope/type, Scientific Notation, referencial integrity, and many other classes of test.

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