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how to configure database to automation testing framework using selenium & cucumber

Teams are moving to a scrum type sprint. We understand the sprint mechanics for story pointing and committing to user stories etc - but cant wrap our heads around how we would handle a large manual regression within the sprint team/process?   Automation isnt available right now but will be in the future (but need to plan for the now).

Would we create a regression user story and point that?  if the points are large enough that the qa would only be able to achieve that in a full sprint what do the rest of the team do.  I understand we would be better off releasing in smaller increments but again - have to have a plan for the now and move over time.   

When we ask for suggestions, we are being told we can work it whoever it works best for the team  BUT we are having difficulty envisioning the ways we could go to make a choice.

What do you think are the Top 5 challenges of performing testing of APIs, I am referring only to only functional testing. I have generally come across many folks who are very good from app and business understanding but are not sure how to perform functional testing on APIs, what other reasons do you think exist as challenges to API tesing.

Please list the Pros and Cons of manual testing.

Currently we do weekley bug review with all devs and QA in which we review impacted areas and root cause of the bug also what we had done to stop this bug from happening. I know its good to have this discussion but we still have lots of bugs in backlog as well. And i need suggestion what's other good practise i can introduce . I know we can do defect triage meeting to discuss all the bugs which has been raised. Are there any other process which i can follow.    Thanks

End-To-End Testing Process in Agile Teams & Its Benefits?

One of my friend lives in Canada from 3 years and working in a testing company in Canada. She wanted to switch from there. Please suggest some companies? 

By Anne Gyurnek - November 17, 20213 Answers

Our QA team has just started to work on an automated test strategy for our agile process and have been considering a low code approach. Is anyone using a low code product like Mabl or Leapwork for their testing? What has your experience been like and would you recommend a low code approach? 


Hi All ,


I am trying to look for the Chatbot testing tools in the market which are open source.

I have tried botium but the performance testing of Chatbot is only available in Software as a Service mode. I am hence trying to search for open source options ( as Apache Jmeter is open source tool for Performance testing of web application )

By Renee Teng - January 21, 20211 Answer

 I believe people are looking for on-premise alternatives to Jira, as it is no longer maintained. Open source is even better. Any luck?


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