Which content or topics to add on UAT certificate sign-off doc?

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Dear Family


I'm tasked to enhance the UAT certificate sign-off,would like to request the content which are suitable to be in a UAT ceritificate document. those who have sample my email is: [email protected]


Thanks and Appreciate your help




1 Answer

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axshara s replied on April 23, 2014 - 11:28am.

I you are using any Projet Management / Requirement tool

HTML file can be used to generate an alert once UAT is signed off by users

Alert contains the project name with description and priority of the project in subject mail triggers


UAT has been signed off the subject project (Project id)

Category : Project / Ticket

Status : UAT Signed off

Priority : High / Medium / Low

Functional Area / Business Requirement: 

Production Release / Implementation date (if required)

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