Hi, I am 1.5 experienced mobile app tester. can i switch to banking domain in testing now ?

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Hi All, 

i am having an experience of 1.5 years in mobile app testing but now i want to change the domain as i want to switch to banking and financial domain . so is it possible now to switch the domain ? also please tell me which testing domain has maximum to learn and growth in terms of packages so that i would put my efforts in that testing area


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It depends where you are located. If there are banking softare test groups in your area, sure, it seems like a reasonable switch. I'd suggest getting involved in the community (user groups and so on), meet a real person, start a conversation, and when they have an opening, apply!


good luck!

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This Would be depends on the Locality wise if your live in urban area then there is possiblity of changeing  the domain. but you must have to takes backup of previous domain. 

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