How do I get back to my career as a software tester?

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Arti Patel asked on March 17, 2019 - 5:27am | Replies (3).

I worked as a manual tester for 2 years and took a break because I had kids. Now when I apply for jobs, I couldn't get a call back as there is a gap in my career. It’s been 3 years since I worked and I live in UK.

I have taken selenium automation testing course online.And what are the recent technologies/tools that I have to learn so I can improve.

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There are many variables to consider when working on getting back to the job market. Training and gaining new technical skills are good ideas, but you can probably leverage on your existing skills set, areas of expertise and strengths, and use the right keywords and accomplishments in your resume to highlight your value proposition and to get more calls from recruiters and hiring managers.

Please see this link for tips to keep your IT resume up-to-date:

As far as technical skills, I learned from other QA and software testing professionals I've been working with recently that the following skills are in high demand:

JIRA, HP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), Quick Test Professional (QTP), Bugzilla, Selenium, Load Runner, JMeter and Soap UI.

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I am really sorry to hear this, I can understand that its not easy to grab job after a break. But you should keep applying to different organizations. I have been in a same situation 5 years ago then i got a chance to work with TestingXperts and here i am. You may also apply to this organization as its branch situated in UK also. Please check the link below:

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