Impostor Syndrome: The Innovation Killer among Us

Billie Schuttpelz

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As an agile community, we talk a lot about innovation and failure. But we often forget to talk about the head games that keep us from innovating. Billie Schuttpelz unearths those internal dialogues that prevent us from taking risks that drive innovation. Become a part of breaking open the conversation around impostor syndrome—yes, it exists, and it's stealing far too many of our authentic voices. Join Billie to get insights into how imposter syndrome is holding you back. You'll learn three ways to unleash your creative ideas, break free of the swirling thoughts and inactivity that can be a part of imposter syndrome, and embrace that you are your own “approver.” When we come together stronger and bolder, the entire agile community benefits, so learn to become confident and give yourself permission to let loose your most innovative potential.

About the Presenter

Billie Schuttpelz is known for shortening feedback loops across silos and redesigning large, complex ecosystems. Her lean-agile perspective gained over a twenty-year career, including engagements in five countries, has enabled Fortune 10 enterprises to deliver to market faster, design connected vehicle systems, enable customer order to deliver cycles, and lean out internal value streams like purchasing. Billie has worked on projects with budgets from $4 million to $40 million, including coaching executives on collaborative decision-making techniques. At one client, she took a 90-day change management cycle and, using lean value stream mapping, reduced the end-to-end cycle down to twelve days, enabling the delivery of the best-selling car in Australia. Her most recent value delivery was helping her client win the CIO100 Award using the Scaled Agile Framework to create a state-of-the-art, flexible platform to support seamless integration with new digital payments partners.

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