Advanced Principles of API Testing | Part 1

Varuna Srivastava

When your enterprise application is moving from a monolithic to a microservices architecture, migrating your testing approach, design and framework can be quite an undertaking. This interactive workshop will introduce you to new advanced techniques and design patterns. Varuna Srivastava will introduce you to how to use design patterns and teach you how to apply those in your test automation code. Come learn how to put together the advanced concepts of an API test in a framework that is scalable, robust, and easy to read and eliminates the brittleness in your checks. You will leave with your very own example automation framework that demonstrates advanced principles of API test automation design.

*Please bring your laptop for this session.

About the Presenter

Varuna is a technical tester who's worked on award-winning projects across a wide variety of technology sectors, including retail, travel, financial, and the public sector, and worked with various web, mobile, and IoT technologies. Varuna is a passionate advocate of shipping quality code to production using agile practices. When not working, Varuna likes to get her hands dirty experimenting with her culinary skills. Most of her weekends are spent in cookgraphy—cooking plus photography!

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