what would the career path and growth for a QAE look like?

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Aria Dandu asked on March 17, 2022 - 5:54am | Replies (1).

Hi! I am currently working as a QAE intern, and if I do pursue this for full time, what would m career path look like? This is my first ever job and I am confused whether it's the right path for me, so I am looking for any advice on this! 

Thank you

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It can be a career path; whether it’s a good one is another matter. Much of it is what you make of it. I worked on the hardware and integrated systems QA side for a few years after spending a bit over 5 years doing work other than QA.

I would say that QA can be more interesting and occasionally challenging than some other facets of engineering and technology.



Conclusion: Wis good for your career if you want to be a Quality analyst. Just remember one thing it is more than finding bugs and errors.


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