Weightage of Testing in IT industry

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A trend is observed in the IT industry, that the relative weight of testing is dramatically increasing; why?

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Testing scope is always as good as development. A software / product is good only when it is tested. One advantage of a tester that a developer won't have is that the tester will have a holistic view of business while the developer working on a particular module might know minute details of that particular module only. 

Nowadays, automation happens alongside development work for a product so that testing time can be reduced. In short, a tester is expected to have a good knowledge of development skills with a knack for code breaking.

Testing trends like automation have already revolutionized the software testing world. Seeing this, we cannot deny the fact that the software testing industry will continue to grow and improvise. Till date, we can find many advancements in software testing industry which gives us the hint that it will evolve more.

The AI is the new UI. And this also means that we need new approaches to testing and a lot more in-depth testing at that. There will be many new interfaces (VR, AR, speech, gesture, …) and a lot more complicated processes and analyses that rely on AI in various forms. All of these need to be thoroughly tested.

So to me (being a creative worker that seeks fulfillment in his job), this is a bright future.

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