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Mohit Singh asked on March 20, 2017 - 9:01pm | Replies (2).

What could be 10 possible test cases to test MS Excel application (NOT writing test cases or creating a template ON MS Excel)?

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That's a rather complex answer. It would depend on the functional specifics of the application, compatibility requirements, error trapping expectations and whether it runs stand alone or has external datasources or calls.

1. Functional specifics - does it do what is expected?

2. Non-best path - does it not do what is not expected?

3. Compatibility regression for other supported versions

4. Error trapping - does it fail in a predictable way?

5. Boundary testing data entry fields

6. Access control - can users access that which they should not?

7. VBA unit testing - do functions/subs perform their stated tasks?

8. UAT - is the interface and usability acceptable to the user base?

9. Database interaction - Are SP's/calls returning data formatted as expected?

10. Automated regression scripts for future dev cycles


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This question sounds suspiciously like a test interview question. The appropriate answer in this context is a series of questions, like "What are the most important things to test, in your opinion?" "What areas of concern do you have?" "What areas are most important to our customers?"

There are a bazillion different ways and things to test, including usability, connectivity, reliability, portability, expandability, understandability, studiness, security, the list goes on. There is no magic top 10 list other than in the mind of the interviewer. What the interviewer is looking for is *not* a top 10 list. They are looking for your ability to ask intelligent follow-up questions.


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