Can anyone please tell various career opportunities in QA. Right now i am working as manual tester for one year.

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I am confused to choose my career path. I have strong interest towards coding and learning automation. can any one suggest me few tips and advices in choosing my career path.

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Dan Walk replied on July 28, 2014 - 10:23am.

Start to automate your own work where it is possible, if you want to run in automation.

QA can grow in several directions:
- test automation - for me, personally, it is boring - this is just a programming in test domain
- test design - creating new tests (not coding!) - crème de la crème of testing, as for me
- test management - manage test team, processes, test activities, test projects
I would also separate:
- test configuration management - creating and administrating test plants, beds, environments
- and test design and execution in performance testing - very interesting field, for my taste

Good luck in your choice!

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