Test-Driven Development Takes On Embedded Software

James Grenning, Renaissance Software Consulting, Co.

Embedded software developers face the same challenges as other software developers-unpredictable schedules, poor quality, and the problems that follow. In addition, embedded software developers must overcome the realities of concurrent hardware/software development, scarce target hardware availability, long download times, high deployment costs, as well as the challenges of testing embedded C. Test-Driven Development (TDD), a key agile practice, helps software developers improve schedule predictability and product quality; but very few embedded software engineers apply TDD to their craft. James Grenning describes the problems addressed by TDD, as well as the additional challenges and benefits of applying TDD to embedded software. He provides valuable lessons for doing TDD in the hostile environment of C. After the class, get hands-on experience with James' independent study exercise, "TDD in C".

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