Risk Managment on an Agile Project

Michele Sliger, Rally Software Development

Plan-driven software project management is very specific on how to identify and manage risks. When moving to Agile software development practices, what happens to all the risk management activities that project managers used to oversee? Contrary to what many expect, there are Agile risk management practices that reduce risk by providing opportunities for the team to identify, monitor, and control risk events. For each of the traditional risk management areas-identification, analysis, response planning, and monitoring and controlling-you will learn the corresponding Agile approach. In keeping with Agile's strengths, team involvement and collaboration are key inputs into the risk management process. Michele Sliger explains how and when to involve the team in identifying risks, analyzing the opportunities and threats, mitigating as appropriate, and monitoring these risks throughout the lifetime of the Agile project.

  • The differences between risk management in traditional and Agile environments
  • Typical risk management activities in an Agile project
  • The project manager's role in Agile risk management

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