Penetration Testing Demystified

Edward Bonver, Symantec Corporation

Penetration testing is a method of evaluating the security of a system by maliciously attacking it and analyzing its possible weaknesses. Penetration testing uses a suite of tests, generally performed in a gray-box fashion, to attack the system as real attackers would-approaching the system with attacker eyes, knowledge, skills, and tools. Edward Bonver explains why and how penetration testing should be done on any mission-critical system as part of a comprehensive security testing strategy. He describes the factors that influence the success of penetration testing include testing environment readiness, technical information, and the availability of the product teams’ key contacts. You’ll learn the details behind penetration testing, common approaches, testing options, and best practices. Discover what technologically diverse product teams can expect of the process, how it gets done at Symantec, and how you can prepare to perform an active penetration test on your system.

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