The Net Promoter Score: Measure and Enhance Software Quality

Anu Kak, PayPal, Inc.

Would you like to know–prior to release–how your customers will perceive product quality? Employing the Net Promoter Score (NPS) technique, Anu Kak shares a strategy he has successfully used to provide this information and, at the same time, help improve actual product quality. Today, many organizations are using NPS for their production products to identify customers who are most likely to be either promoters or detractors. This measurement tool provides the information needed to prioritize product fixes and enhancements. Anu shares his experiences applying NPS within software product development to enhance quality before release. He explains the step-by-step implementation of NPS within software engineering. Learn how to read and analyze NPS feedback and implement an NPS-centric process to enhance product quality. Take back a road map to evangelize NPS adoption among the stakeholders in your organization.

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