Move from Scripted Manual Testing to Scenario-Based Testing

Andrea Fox

Think of manually executed test scripts—like pulling a wagon without wheels. Eventually the wagon will make it to the final destination, but the journey itself will be long and painful. Many people think test scripts are outdated because of the long, painful process of writing and running them. Andrea Fox says that their analytics team shared this way of thinking. To make things worse, the team also was dealing with defects being constantly introduced because the restrictive scripts were not catching the issues. Change was vital to provide more efficiency in manual testing, as well as more value. The analytics team decided scenario testing was the answer to the problem. Scenarios provided enough guidance to know what to test but left room on how to achieve the expected result. Join Andrea as she explains the evolution process of their scripted testing, the lessons they learned, the setbacks they faced, and how today’s approach provides her team better testing.

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