Metrics Program Implementation: Pitfalls and Successes

Kris Kosyk, SoftServe

When we talk about product quality, test team efficiency, and productivity, we always talk numbers. However, very few companies implement metrics programs in a way that supports solid decision making. Many have tried and failed, leaving a negative impression of metrics. Kris Kosyk explains what metrics like Defect Removal Efficiency tell us and how it is impacted by Test Coverage and Defect Backlog Change Rate. Moving up a level, Kris explains how to use operational testing metrics to understand the development lifecycle process. Though it’s a common belief that a successful metrics program depends on the metrics selected, that is really only half the battle. The other half is a well-designed implementation of the metrics program and effective ongoing governance. Kris addresses these issues and other related questions, and shares a case study on her successes and mistakes while implementing a company-wide test metrics program for more than 200 projects.

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