Leadership for Test Managers and Testers

Rick Craig, TechWell Corp.

Many organizations spend a great deal of time and effort acquiring and learning to use the latest techniques and technology, but they make little or no attempt to train or mentor their staff to be better leaders. It is true that technology is important, but test teams without able leaders will struggle to be successful. Rick Craig shares some lessons he has learned in his roles as test manager, military leader, and entrepreneur. Rick discusses some classic leadership topics―leadership traits and styles, the cornerstones of leadership, and principles of leadership. Explore the importance of influence leaders and how to identify and encourage them. Discover the positive and negative indicators of morale and how to maintain high morale within a team. Learn how to give direction without being a micromanager. Discuss what motivates and what de-motivates testers. Rick encourages you to bring your leadership challenges to serve as points of discussion.

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