Evolve Your Testing the Pokémon Way

Paul Grimes

How can you know that your services will handle the requests of millions of users a day? Or that making a fundamental change to one of your technologies won’t break your user experience? The answer: By having your entire team use and build on a phased approach to testing the right pieces at the right time. The Pokémon Company International services group develops and updates the services used for logging into the Pokemon.com website and applications like Pokémon Go and Pokémon TV. Since the launch of Pokémon Go in 2016, their quality-focused team has worked to develop strategies that reduce the number and duration of customer issues in the face of millions of daily active users. Join Paul Grimes as he presents the phases their test engineers go through and the tools used to ensure that the services Pokémon is delivering are capable of meeting users' demands. From exploratory testing of APIs to developing unit and integration tests and deploying scalable performance suites, Paul will discuss the tactical choices and how they affect outcomes. By integrating testing early and doing the right work at the right time, you can ensure your customers have exceptional encounters.

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