End-to-End Agile Planning: Oxymoron or Powerful Release Planning Method?

Bob Galen, iContact

It's a very common pattern. Agile methods don't seem to specify much in the way of preparation or strategies for project planning-so teams simply dive-in and start iterating toward a solution to their business problems. In some contexts, such as small-scale simple projects, this works just fine. However, what if your project is more complex? How do you determine a budget when you have a distributed or larger-scale project and no real requirements? In many real-world contexts, establishing a consistent and thoughtful baseline project plan can be an incredibly powerful contributor to your ultimate success. The good news is that you can do end-to-end planning and still "be agile." Bob Galen shows how to use the Crystal Clear's Blitz Planning approach, user story mapping, and other end-to-end planning techniques to establish a "proper beginning" and define a holistic map for your agile projects. Bob's approach also helps traditional project managers understand how they, too, can bring crisp, lightweight planning to their projects.

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