Enable Your Workers … You’ll Be Amazed What They Can Do

Bob Jarvis

It’s as true today as it was in 1986 when W. Edwards Deming published Out of the Crisis and wrote, “Remove barriers that rob people … of their right to pride of workmanship.” Companies everywhere implement processes, hire staff, and install tools to help them meet their business objectives. Many organizations strive to have engaged workers, efficient processes, and effective tools. However, Bob Jarvis says that, rather than doing the real work they were hired to perform, workers often end up spending too much time each day fighting obstacles related to those very processes, people, and tools. We recognize these organizations when we hear people say, “It’s hard to get things done around here.”Join Bob as he shares a framework to identify the real symptoms, an approach to presenting the results to management so they “get it,” and an implementation cycle to fix the root causes. Learn how to solve this problem and leave knowing how to become an expert in the framework and improve organizational outcomes.

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