Can You Hear Me Now? Yes...and Everyone Else Can Too

Jon Hagar, Consultant

Mobile devices-connected to the world through the Internet, web, networks, and messaging-are everywhere and expanding rapidly in numbers, functionality, and, unfortunately, security threats. Not too many years ago, little attention was paid to mobile device security. Now, we hear reports almost daily of phone emails/messages being hacked, apps with worms, phishing via smart devices, and smart device fraud. People often have their records, personal data, and financial records on or accessible by the mobile device. In addition, organizations are using these devices to conduct critical business. Jon Hagar shares and analyzes case histories and examples of mobile application security failures. Based on this analysis, Jon summarizes these attacks and describes how to expose security bugs within these devices. Learn how to perform security testing on mobile applications and avoid being the next news headline about a serious mobile-based security breach.

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