STARWEST 2004: The Business Case for Software Quality

Richard Bender, Bender RBT Inc.

Software quality is first and foremost a business issue, and testing is often the last line of defense. The staffing, tools, and processes that we use to support our customers are fundamental to achieving quality-and their business objectives-in a cost-effective manner. Significantly improving software quality in an organization is a major project and not for the faint of heart. Such an improvement project must have a positive return on investment and a good likelihood of success. In this talk Richard Bender addresses fourteen major areas of concern for software quality and how they can impact the business. He includes industry statistics to help you make the case and weaves into the solution set the importance of good requirements and integrated testing.

  • Fourteen reasons to improve software quality
  • The ROI of software testing and quality improvement
  • How to achieve buy-in for quality improvement

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