Architecture and Design: What Managers Need to Know

Jonathan Kohl, Kohl Concepts Inc.

In many current software development approaches, architecture and design are downplayed. Rather than actually architecting products, good designs are assumed to "emerge." Yet, managers must be confident that their products are well designed. In their efforts to produce products quickly, teams may overlook vital architecture and design issues, such as performance, security, usability, and accessibility. When managers try to help, they can be deterred by jargon and tools that are difficult for non-programmers to understand. Jonathan Kohl illustrates a way for managers to understand and influence product architecture and design. You don't need detailed technical skills to provide valuable insight into a project. Learn how to understand an application and its impact in three contexts: the code (where the application is developed), the system (where the application operates), and the social context (where the application is used). Jonathan also demonstrates how to use a general systems thinking approach to understand architecture and design, without having to know the inner workings.

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