Answer the Call: Help Product Owners Define and Prioritze Requirements

Kent McDonald, Knowledge Bridge Partners

Numerous software development methodologies are available to provide project teams excellent guidance on how to build systems right. But how do we know that we are building the right systems? We often ask product owners to define and prioritize their requirements-without offering them a great deal of guidance on how to do so. Understanding what the software needs to do and the value that it will add to the organization will help them decide the importance of each requirement. Kent McDonald explains how you can employ a value model based on the project's purpose, costs, benefits, considerations, and its relation to the organization's overall strategies to help product owners define and quantify the value delivered by a project. He will also show how you can use a regular reevaluation of this value model to decide what requirements should be completed and in what order. More importantly, you can empower product owners to determine what requirements should be changed or dropped as the project proceeds.

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