Agile Contracting

Rachel Weston, Rally Software Development

Many software development organizations work within the bounds of contractual agreements where the limitations imposed by the "Iron Triangle" of fixed timelines, budgets, and scope challenge their ability to embrace change and focus on value delivery. Agile practitioners often comment that agile contracting is a difficult problem, but proven solutions are rarely presented. Rachel Weston and Chris Spagnuolo offer some tools they have used in their own agile contracting work to help agile practitioners deal with different contracting scenarios while promoting agile practices, protecting the development organization, and still providing value and protection to the client's organization. Through a combined workshop and facilitated collaborative session, Rachel and Chris present new agile contracting tools that can be added to your toolbox. You will gain a deeper understanding of the problems associated with agile contracting as well as practical solutions for dealing with contracts in an agile manner.

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