Agile Brushstrokes: The Art of Choosing an Agile Transition Style

Joshua Kerievsky, Industrial Logic

Agile software processes vary in detail, depth, impact and endurance as much as painting styles like graffiti differ from Baroque or Impressionist art. What can artists teach us about successful agile transitions? And what can past agile transitions teach us about styles that endured or faded away? Joshua Kerievsky will map agile transitions to art styles and identify elements that lead to success or failure. We will look at palettes of principles and practices, how and when agile styles may be effectively blended, when or how to do a sketch before jumping to the canvas, how initial transitions can morph into wholly different styles and whether to spread a consistent or varying style across a department or organization. Joshua will focus on four fundamental agile transitions styles as he walks you through case studies from the past decade. You will come away from this talk with an excellent perspective on the art of agile transitioning and learn what style(s) will work best for you.

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