Shadi Saifan discusses mobile app development Develop Mobile Apps with Clear Goals in Mind: An Interview with Shadi Saifan

In this interview, director of engineering at FIS Mobile, Shadi Saifan, talks about his upcoming presentation at the Mobile Dev + Test Conference. He discusses why you should start development with a clear goal in mind and what common application pitfalls you should avoid.

Josiah Renaudin's picture Josiah Renaudin
Luke Wallace discusses the role of continuous integration in Android app development Designing Android Apps: An Interview with Luke Wallace

In this interview, Luke Wallace of Bottle Rocket talks about his upcoming presentation at Mobile Dev + Test, how design principles affect the user experience of an Android app, the role of continuous integration in the development of Android applications, and even his first apps.

Cameron Philipp-Edmonds's picture Cameron Philipp-Edmonds
Jim McKeeth discusses mobile and embedded applications Developing, Testing, and Using Mobile and Embedded Applications: An Interview with Jim McKeeth

In this interview, Jim McKeeth, the lead developer evangelist of Embarcadero Technologies, talks about the current and future states of wearables. He explains how thought input is changing the way we control different devices, as well as what excites him most about wearables.

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Mac Gambill discusses wearable tech and health The Future of Wearables and Health Tech: An Interview with the Founders of Nudge

In this interview, Nudge founders Mac Gambill and Phil Beene explain the relationship between health and wearables. They discuss how big the wearable market can get over time, as well as the relationship wearables have to health information and the Internet of Things.

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Alon Girmonsky discusses agile testing Testing in the Agile Age: An Interview with Alon Girmonsky

In this interview, BlazeMeter founder and CEO, Alon Girmonsky, digs into why modern businesses must adopt agile methodologies. He talks about the advantages agile has over waterfall as well as how shorter iteration windows within the testing process affect manual hand-offs.

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Agile Development Conference & Better Software Conference East 2014: Emergent Design: History, Concepts, and Principles

Software design is about change. A good design facilitates adding features—and adding new developers to the team. Yet any change to the code impacts design and could damage existing functionality. Without design idioms and practices, the code can degrade into a "big ball of spaghetti”...

Rob Myers, Agile Institute
Avoiding Over Design and Under Design

The question of how much design to do up-front on a project is an engaging conundrum. Too much design often results in excess complexity and wasted effort. Too little design results in a poor architecture or insufficient system structures which require expensive rework and hurt more in the...

Al Shalloway, Net Objectives
Non-Functional Requirements: Forgotten, Neglected, and Misunderstood

Implementing non-functional requirements is essential to build the right product. Yet teams often struggle with when and how to discover, specify, and test these requirements. Many teams neglect non-functional requirements up front, considering them less important or unrelated to user...

Paul Reed, EBG Consulting
Jeff Morgan discusses the evolution of agile Agile's Dilution and Evolution: An Interview with Jeff Morgan

In this interview, LeanDog cofounder Jeff Morgan talks about both the current state of agile and how we can shape its future. He digs into the different ways that people are watering it down, as well as the possibility for some other methodology to break out in the near future.

Josiah Renaudin's picture Josiah Renaudin
Wearable Computing Reaches New Heights

With mobile and small embedded devices extending the reach of modern computing, the predictions are that wearable computing is definitely the next biggest thing. If you want to know more about the wearable device  revolution, Mukesh presents facts that will convince you this is the next hottest trend.

Mukesh Sharma's picture Mukesh Sharma


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