STAREAST 2016 - Software Testing Conference


Testing at Startup Companies: What, When, Where, and How

Startups are becoming increasingly prolific—technology startups even more so. CEOs are recognizing the need for quality. Their users are their growth, and if they can't retain users, their growth slows or stops. So quality matters. How do you convince the rest of the company that test...

Alice Till-Carty

Testing in the New World of Off-the-Shelf Software

Testing an off-the-shelf, sometimes called COTS, system? Often, project managers and stakeholders mistakenly believe that one benefit of purchasing software is that there is little, if any, testing required. This could not be further from the truth. Testing COTS software requires a...

Gerie Owen and Peter Varhol

Testing Lessons from the Land of Make Believe

Rob Sabourin has discovered testing lessons in Sesame Street, the Simpsons, the Looney Tunes gang, the Great Detectives, Dr. Seuss, and many other unlikely places, but this year he journeys to the Land of Make Believe. Rob's grandchildren Jane and Suzy draw him into the Land of Make Believe.

Rob Sabourin
The Canary in the Coal Mine: Create an Early Warning Tool to Help Your Testing

Many organizations are using virtualization technology to increase the number of available test machines. However, this increase creates a new dilemma for testers. How can you confirm that all test systems are running properly and not showing signs of serious defects? Since many companies...

Stephen Burlingame
The Evolution of a Software Tester: From Novice to Practitioner

Once upon a time, Dawn Haynes was a software tester. Now she’s most often found in the classroom, helping others tackle the same day-to-day challenges that she has encountered on projects for the past thirty years. Dawn now recognizes that, although she had great instincts about testing...

Dawn Haynes

The Lean Startup Method and Its Value for Testers

A startup is an organization created to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty. Approximately 40 percent of all startups will cease operations with investors losing everything; 95 percent will fall short of their financial projections. And the number one...

Lee Copeland

The Road to DevOps: Data, Environment, and Test Automation

DevOps promotes continuous integration, continuous testing, and continuous deployment. And anything that breaks this continuity is a potential bottleneck. In many organizations, testing becomes that bottleneck for one or all of the following reasons:  unstable test environment, lack...

Tanya Kravtsov

The Selenium Grid: Run Multiple Automated Tests in Parallel

The Selenium Grid unleashes the full power of Selenium to run multiple automated tests in parallel across multiple platforms. Brian Long demonstrates the use of an open-source framework developed at Virginia Tech to get up and running with a Selenium Grid in about an hour. He begins by...

Brian Long

Turbocharge Your Automation Framework to Shorten Regression Execution Time

Asad Faruqui and Moni Mau say that their old regression automation used to take three-to-four days of execution time as they ran against different browser versions, locales, and currencies. They wanted to make the automation framework more efficient so features could go to market faster.

Asad Faruqui

Uncover Untold Stories in Your Data: A Deep Dive on Data Profiling

How well do you know your data? Organizations are discovering the value in their data—as evidence of what they have done and a clue to how they can improve the bottom line. With the increase in analytics, it is no secret that there are more eyes on the data. And analyzing data can give...

Catherine Cruz Agosto


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