STAREAST 2016 - Software Testing Conference


Continuous Integration: A New Way of Life

Continuous integration is the new buzzword in software development because it opens up opportunities well beyond making sure all your team's code compiles cleanly. What if this pipeline could improve everything from the quality of code reviews, to how you monitor your product “in the wild,”

Melissa Benua

Cross-Platform Mobile Test Automation Using Appium

Mobile devices are taking over the world and quickly outpacing the use of traditional desktop machines. But how should we test them? Jonah Stiennon has spent the past two years working with a team of open source contributors at Sauce Labs to establish Appium as the industry standard for...

Jonah Stiennon

Defect Metrics for Organization and Project Health

Are you looking for a simple, meaningful approach to gather and report defect metrics? Want to make your project defects more visible? Wondering how to report defects to management and show value? With an ever increasing demand to show the business value of your testing, David Bialek...

David Bialek

Don’t Be Another Statistic! Develop a Long-Term Test Automation Strategy

Choosing the appropriate tool and building the right framework are typically thought of as the main challenges to successful test automation. However, even after careful tool selection and advanced automation framework construction, many find long-term success elusive. Lee Barnes discusses...

Lee Barnes

End-to-End Automated Testing: Lessons from Zombieland

With the proliferation of mobile devices, browsers, and IoT devices, each with its own eccentricities, performing end-to-end automated testing is starting to feel like navigating a zombie apocalypse. You need to fight off the zombies but lack the right tools. You need a set of rules to...

Matt Barbour

Ensuring Maximum Quality in the Era of IoT and Wearables

Until recently, the Internet of Things (IoT) was just an idea that techies talked about. Unlike innovations in the past, development and testing of the IoT is significantly more elaborate. After introducing the technology of wearables and IoT, Gauri Arondekar delves into the components and...

Gauri Arondekar

Evolve or Die: What Testers Need to Do to Survive and Thrive

With the advent of new technologies, agile methodologies, innovative tools, and a global workforce, the tester’s role is rapidly changing. Those who can adapt to the changing environment get the best jobs and assignments, and others get left behind. As the discipline of testing evolves...

Michael Cooper

Finding Success with Test Process Improvement

When you go on a road trip and want to plan your journey, you need to know where you are, where you want to go, and why you want to go there. You need the same things when you want to improve your test process. It doesn’t matter whether you are agile, waterfall, or part of a Test Center...

Gitte Ottosen

Fostering Long-Term Test Automation Success

In today’s environment of plummeting software delivery cycle times, test automation becomes a more critical and strategic necessity.  How can we possibly keep up with software delivery's explosive pace while retaining satisfactory test coverage?  How do we keep the reins on costs...

Carl Nagle

From Zero to Hero in 205 Days!

As test managers, we face challenging situations that require us to draw on our past experiences, principles, and good practices in order to have any chance at all for success.  Michael Wasielczyk faced this challenge immediately after joining T. Rowe Price. He started his new job...

Michael Wasielczyk


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