Cloud-Hosting Solutions Why Software Development Companies Will Migrate Toward Cloud-Hosting Solutions

Uday Kumar examines some of the key drivers for software development companies marching toward cloud-hosting solutions. Change is the only constant. While technologies will keep evolving to help us overcome challenges, there, of course, will be new and emerging challenges.

Uday Kumar's picture Uday Kumar
 Four Solutions Compared How to Test Your Website on Multiple Browsers: Four Solutions Compared

Robbie Bridgewater writes on the difficulty in finding bugs during testing since no single computer can run all of the major browsers—not to mention the added challenge of testing various mobile operating systems. In this article, Robbie compares four possible solutions to this dilemma.

Erle Bridgewater's picture Erle Bridgewater
The Cloud—Coming Around Again

Regardless of what you believe, the cloud marketing hype will be around for quite some time. Paul Fratellone recounts his personal history dealing with the cloud and why QA professionals need to think about capitalizing on the cloud’s hype. QA professionals should use their previous cloud experiences to their advantage in today’s industry.

Paul Fratellone's picture Paul Fratellone
Cloud Wars Heat Up With Rackspace Fully Integrating OpenStack

With Rackspace announcing that its hosting services are now operating on OpenStack, the IT hosting company seems poised to compete with the big boys of the cloud.

Jonathan Vanian's picture Jonathan Vanian
Emerging Cloud Standards—Will the Real Standard Please Stand Up?

Based on the number of cloud computing standards organizations working on the problem, clearly interest is running at an all-time high. Here's a list of some of the bodies actively working on creating cloud standards.

Beth Cohen's picture Beth Cohen
Performance Testing Considerations in a Cloud Performance Testing Considerations in a Public Cloud Environment

Testing an application's performance in the cloud begins with understanding the infrastructure of your public cloud environment. Learn which elements to watch for and how to optimize your cloud-based performance testing environment.

Scott Aziz's picture Scott Aziz
Cloud-Driven Development: Four Things You Need to Know

With immediate availability, scalability, and dramatic cost savings, cloud computing is revolutionizing the way business works. While the economic justifications for this new technology cover a broad range of IT initiatives, developing software is perfect for the elasticity offered by the cloud.

Anders  Wallgren's picture Anders Wallgren

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