Wearable smartwatch Testing Wearables: The Human Experience

When a networked device is physically attached to us and works with us and through us, the more personal, even emotional, the interaction is. With wearables, the user becomes a part of the Internet of Things. Gerie Owen realized that consequently, a human user must be an integral part of testing wearables. Here, she details this human experience testing.

Gerie Owen's picture Gerie Owen


Paul Gerrard discusses the Internet of Things Testing the Internet of Everything: An Interview with Paul Gerrard

In this interview, STARWEST keynote speaker Paul Gerrard shares his perspective on the scale, variety, ubiquity, complexity, and challenge of the Internet of Things, explaining his test approach for this trend and where he thinks it might go.

Josiah Renaudin's picture Josiah Renaudin
Mike Sowers discusses the future of the software testing profession The Future of the Software Testing Profession: An Interview with Mike Sowers

In this interview, STAREAST keynote speaker Mike Sowers digs into the changing nature of testing. He talks about whether the profession is dying out and details the impact innovations like wearables and mobile have on the craft.

Josiah Renaudin's picture Josiah Renaudin
Jim McKeeth discusses mobile and embedded applications Developing, Testing, and Using Mobile and Embedded Applications: An Interview with Jim McKeeth

In this interview, Jim McKeeth, the lead developer evangelist of Embarcadero Technologies, talks about the current and future states of wearables. He explains how thought input is changing the way we control different devices, as well as what excites him most about wearables.

Josiah Renaudin's picture Josiah Renaudin
Mac Gambill discusses wearable tech and health The Future of Wearables and Health Tech: An Interview with the Founders of Nudge

In this interview, Nudge founders Mac Gambill and Phil Beene explain the relationship between health and wearables. They discuss how big the wearable market can get over time, as well as the relationship wearables have to health information and the Internet of Things.

Josiah Renaudin's picture Josiah Renaudin

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STAREast Logo Ensuring Maximum Quality in the Era of IoT and Wearables

Until recently, the Internet of Things (IoT) was just an idea that techies talked about. Unlike innovations in the past, development and testing of the IoT is significantly more elaborate. After introducing the technology of wearables and IoT, Gauri Arondekar delves into the components and...

Gauri Arondekar

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