CA Technologies White Paper | Moving Beyond Masking and Subsetting Realizing the Value of Test Data Management

Moving Beyond Masking and Subsetting: Realizing the Value of Test Data Management

The concept of test data management (TDM) is often overlooked, undervalued, and misunderstood, and the full value it can bring to the business unrealized. For many, TDM is seen as primarily an environmental issue, amounting only to copying, masking, and possibly subsetting production data.

To realize the full benefits of TDM, organizations must consider implementing synthetic data generation and revisit how they store, manage, and provision data. Synthetic data generation is not only more effective in terms of time, quality, and money, but it often is easier and more secure than fully masking production data.

Download this white paper, from CA Technologies, to learn why a purely logistic approach to TDM isn’t effective and discover how people, process, and technology create the ideal alternative.

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