Eliminate Your Testing Clutter: An Interview with Francie Van Wirkus


In this interview, Francie Van Wirkus, a certified professional coach in the insurance and financial services industry, explains how you can become a more mindful tester. She guides your discovery of how mindfulness provides calm and clarity in the face of great change.

Jennifer Bonine: Hello and welcome back to our virtual interviews at STARWEST. I'm glad you're all tuning in. This is going to be a fun one. I had the opportunity to meet Francie yesterday, sitting in one of the tutorials that I was giving. She's giving a session this afternoon. The session's she's giving is a really neat topic that's probably near and dear to a lot of people's hearts in terms of how to get focus, right?

Francie Van Wirkus: Yes.

Jennifer Bonine: How to get that focus. Would you mind telling us a little bit about for those that won't get an opportunity to see your session this afternoon, what you're talking about and how you got passionate about talking about that?

Francie Van Wirkus: Sure, just a warning though. You're going to have some serious FOMO for not being here after we get done talking about this.

Jennifer Bonine: Then you're going to want to be here. If you're close, maybe drive in.

Francie Van Wirkus: Come on in.

Jennifer Bonine: Come on in.

Francie Van Wirkus: The premise of this is that we have spent most of our day not thinking about what's happening right now in front of us. We're usually thinking about something that's happened in the past, mistakes, good things, bad things, arguments, whatever it might be, or we're worried about something that's happening in the future. What happens to the present is it gets into this little, tiny sliver of your day, and guess what? That's where all the creativity happens, all the problem-solving that you need to do. Whether you're in testing, developing, or whatever your career is, if you don't push the past and the future out of the way and clear the space, you miss out on all these other ways you can creatively build your business, solve problems, interact, have better relationships. I'm not saying it's like you do this, and you will have no problems. You will have a place to solve your problems.

Jennifer Bonine: You'll open that space.

Francie Van Wirkus: Yes.

Jennifer Bonine: Have the space to solve some of those challenges. Now, any tips—obviously because these guys will miss out on it—any tips for getting started with creating that space, creating that focus that we lack sometimes in the present?


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