The United State of Women Summit: An Interview with Tania Katan

In this interview, Axosoft evangelist Tania Katan, who is also the creative instigator of the international viral campaign #itwasneveradress, reports on being invited to the White House’s United State of Women Summit. She talks about agile project management, activism, and Michelle Obama and Oprah.

Jennifer Bonine: All right. We are back with another virtual interview. I am so excited. I am so excited here.

Tania Katan: Full disclosure, I'm excited, too. I am.

Jennifer Bonine: I'm here with Tania, and your background is a little bit different than everyone else we're interviewing here.

Tania Katan: True story. News at five.

Jennifer Bonine: Exactly. This is fun. You should tell them how you got here. Right? Your background. You're not going to say, "I've been a tester since I was two."

Tania Katan: No. No. No. No. No. The opposite of testing. Exploring. I've been an explorer. I come from theater, the performing arts, and also visual arts. Since I was little I wrote plays and operas, like not real operas, just fake ones about my family, and I'd have them perform it at Passover.

Jennifer Bonine: You'd have your family perform it?

Tania Katan: Yeah.

Jennifer Bonine: They would be the characters? That's so cool.

Tania Katan: Yeah. My grandma would be like, "Put on a coat," because that was important to her, so that was her line. Anyway, yeah. I come from writing, performing, and engaging live audiences as opposed to mediated audiences. It's a really cool transition into the tech space for me.

Jennifer Bonine: Yeah. You work for an organization called Axosoft. For those that don't know what Axosoft is, really neat story. A female CEO in technology.

Tania Katan: Yeah. True story.


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